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Living Carbon Works With Plymouth to Retain Top Climate Talent

About Living Carbon
San Francisco
Employee Count:
Maddie Hall, Patrick Mellor

Learn how a team of biologists, ecologists, foresters, botanists, and researchers utilized Plymouth to help retain their top talent. One team member was moving off of their spouse’s visa, and one needed a green card. While working with Plymouth, these individuals were able to quickly and efficiently submit visa applications and continue working in the United States.

The Challenge:

Living Carbon decided to sponsor two of their employees – a Research Scientist and Commercial Lead and – who needed visas in the United States. One of them was previously on their spouse’s visa and was told they weren’t eligible for the O1 by other providers. The other needed a green card to stay in the United States and needed assistance with the EB1A visa. 

The Solution: 

Plymouth was able to help these team members save time and setbacks by streamlining the immigration process and providing updates every step of the way. They helped each employee explore the O1 and EB1A visas and determine which was the best for them.

"It was incredible how quick and efficient the Plymouth Street Team are! I really appreciated that Plymouth project manages the process, essentially offering a step-by-step guide." — Laurel Mills, Chief of Staff at Living Carbon

The Result: 

Thanks to Plymouth, Living Carbon was able to retain their incredible talent by exploring the right visas for their situations and handling the petition process for them. The Commercialization & Strategy lead was able to get their own visa (separate from their spouse) and craft a compelling case for the O1 visa. The Research Scientist got their EB1A visa approved within 6 weeks.