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Plymouth accelerates O-1 Visa Application for Clay

About Clay
New York, NY
Employee Count:
Kareem Amin & Nicolae Rusan
Technology Software

Clay develops software and tools designed to expand the creativity of people. They provide spreadsheets, coding, and simple automation, helping users connect their applications and code automated workflows, build useful tools, and enrich data sets.

The Challenge:

Clay recently hired an exceptional candidate and needed to quickly transfer their O-1 visa. Initial conversations with a law firm proved to be slow with poor communication, which prompted the company to seek a more quick and effective solution. With time being a critical factor, the company needed a swift and reliable resolution to ensure the seamless onboarding of the valuable new team member.

The Solution: 

Recognizing the need for prompt action, Plymouth formulated a streamlined plan to expedite the O-1 visa transfer process. With a commitment to clear communication and proactive problem-solving, Plymouth aimed to provide a stark contrast to the previous experience. 

We had just hired an amazing candidate and needed to get their O-1 visa transferred. The law firm we were working with was slow, poor communicators, and I never had faith it would get done well. Speed was of the essence, so I made one midnight call to Lisa Wehden and the rest was smooth sailing. They were so good it was almost unbelievable. They really should be your first call for anything immigration-related.

The Result: 

Thanks to Plymouth’s speed and expertise, the Clay employee submitted their application within a week and the visa was approved just a few days later. The seamless process allowed the newly hired candidate to join the team without any delays.