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Plymouth Expedites O-1A Visa Approval for AI Researcher

About The Collective Intelligence Project
California, United States
Employee Count:
Divya Siddarth & Saffron Huang
Artificial Intelligence

The Collective Intelligence project conducts research using collective intelligence as an organizing principle. They are piloting structures for collective governance of generative AI and developing funding models that expand the traditional economic definitions of public and private goods.

The Challenge:

Saffron Huang, AI Researcher and Co-Founder of the Collective Intelligence Project, faced a significant challenge in her pursuit of advancing artificial intelligence safety in the United States. Saffron was eligible for an O-1A visa, but found the process to be complex given the urgency and importance of her role.

The Solution: 

The team at Plymouth recognized the need for a quick and transparent immigration process and initiated a personalized approach to address Saffron's specific situation. Plymouth’s immigration experts guided Saffron through the O-1A visa pathway, explaining the eligibility criteria and helping her put together a compelling case for eligibility.

"Plymouth made the immigration process so simple. I didn’t think I was eligible for the O1-A visa pathway. Their team guided me throughout the process — helping me understand how my significant authorship and peer-reviewing journal papers work directly met the eligibility criteria."

The Result: 

Despite the initial apprehension about eligibility, Saffron's O-1A visa application was successfully approved within a remarkably short span of 10 days. The expedited approval meant that Saffron could continue advancing AI safety without any delays or disruptions.

This showcased how a client-centered approach and expertise in immigration solutions can significantly expedite critical processes, allowing talented individuals like Saffron Huang to contribute their skills and expertise to the United States.