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Lindy Partners with Plymouth to Relocate Team

About Lindy
San Francisco
Employee Count:
Flo Crivello
Technology Software

Discover how an AI startup leveraged the help of Plymouth to help their remote team return to an office in San Francisco, even when their talent was based across the globe. Previously, Lindy's founder Flo Crivello believed that remote work was best, but ultimately decided that there’s no replacement for in-person collaboration and the networking that San Francisco provides.

The Lindy team worked with Plymouth to help relocate three of their employees, including the Head of Go-To-Market who was told by other providers that they weren’t eligible for an O1 visa. Plymouth was also able to complete the process in half the time of other providers.

The Challenge:

Lindy needed to relocate three team members from Trinidad, Vancouver, and London to San Francisco for their return to an office, and quickly. Additionally, while working with another firm, their Head of Go-To-Market, based in Vancouver, was told they were not eligible for an O1 visa. 

The Solution: 

Plymouth was able to help these team members save time and setbacks by streamlining the immigration process and providing updates every step of the way. They also explored the O1 visa requirements to craft a narrative that made their Head of Go-To-Market an attractive candidate for the O1 visa.

"We had an incredibly smooth experience with Plymouth - exactly what we were hoping for. Their constant communication and helpful updates on deadlines made everything seamless. It was easy to convey our needs, and our team particularly enjoyed speaking with the team, which always left us feeling confident about our petition. The case strategy and positioning played a significant role in boosting our confidence, with Plymouth reassuring us at every step, 'You can do this.' Absolutely no pain points in working with them!" — Lindy Drope, Head of Go-To-Market

The Result: 

Thanks to Plymouth, Lindy was able to relocate three of their critical team members to their San Francisco office in less than 6 weeks for each case — quite the opposite of the lengthy ordeal that other providers proposed. The Lindy team is now able to collaborate and network in person in San Francisco without sacrificing any brilliant team members.