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LangChain Partners with Plymouth to Expedite the Visa Process for a Critical Engineer.

About LangChain
San Francisco 
Employee Count:
Harrison Chase, Ankush Gola 
Technology Software 

Discover how LangChain's strategic move to partner with Plymouth earlier this year delivered impressive results. Previously, LangChain faced a frustrating and prolonged immigration process with another provider, stretching up to six months without success. Plymouth, however, delivered a successful approval in a mere six weeks.

The Challenge

LangChain's collaboration with a previous immigration service resulted in significant setbacks, consuming considerable time for the founders and team. The objective was critical: to relocate a top-tier remote engineer from London to their San Francisco HQ.

Brie, a Manager at LangChain, described the challenge “The process felt like navigating through a maze of tiny, irregular hoops— far from straightforward. Our team celebrated when we could fire that firm”.

The Solution

Plymouth partnered with LangChain to streamline the O1 immigration process. The choice was driven by Plymouth’s reputation for excellence in service, rapid turnaround, and their tailored, best-in-class O1 pathway package.

“Plymouth’s efficiency was remarkable—just six weeks in total. The team brought a personal touch to the experience, ensuring our people were well taken care of without losing sight of the human aspect. Plymouth provided a clear checklist and handled the heavy lifting. It was exactly the seamless support we initially sought—comprehensive and thoughtful, allowing us to focus on our business rather than immigration technicalities.” — Brie Wolfson, LangChain Marketing Manager

The Result

Thanks to Plymouth, LangChain achieved the swift onboarding of a crucial engineering talent in six weeks—a stark contrast to the six-month ordeal previously faced. Before engaging Plymouth, LangChain’s team had sunk nearly a hundred hours into fruitless exchanges with immigration attorneys. Plymouth's intervention reclaimed those hours and spared the company thousands of dollars in potential costs.