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Plymouth Streamlines Green Card Process for Hadrian CEO

About Hadrian
Hawthorne, CA
Employee Count:
Chris Power
Additive Manufacturing

Hadrian manufactures critical precision components for the aerospace and defense industries. Their platform aims to provide precision components quickly and affordably, thereby assisting in building jets, rocket ships, and other advanced manufacturing requirements.

The Challenge:

In today's global business landscape, establishing strong working relationships with enterprise customers is crucial for business growth and success. Hadrian’s CEO Chris Power needed to quickly obtain a green card to continue working with large enterprise customers and establishing long-term partnerships. Hadrian’s existing legal services provider projected a long application process, so they sought expertise from Plymouth to streamline the process.

The Solution: 

Plymouth employed a personalized approach to address the CEO's unique circumstances and business objectives. By leveraging expertise in fast-growing technology startups, immigration and extensive knowledge of the green card application process, Plymouth developed a strategic solution that would maximize the CEO's chances of obtaining a green card via the EB-1A pathway. 

Applying for my green card was a step I dreaded — the paperwork, back and forth with attorneys, and the administrative overhead was not something I wanted to deal with while scaling my business. Thanks to the incredible team at Plymouth, it turned out to be a surprisingly stress-free experience. The clarity of instructions, timely updates, and supportive team made every step feel straightforward and manageable. This was a huge unlock for me, and anyone working on hard problems should work with them to make immigration a no brainer.

The Result: 

Thanks to Plymouth’s expertise, the CEO obtained EB-1A approval in less than 5 weeks, allowing him to establish a more secure and stable presence in the United States. This empowered the CEO to develop strong working relationships with large enterprise customers, and ultimately accelerate advanced manufacturing in the United States.